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Repaired items list

Here you will see listed  various items of equipment that we have previously repaired  it is a general guide  many more items have been repaired  often thought to be obsolete

AGV Electronics
GME drive choppers
Satt Control
PBS Micro and Expanders
Satt 05-30
RD90 battery chargers
Data Logic Bar Code Scanners
Carrago UHE
ACS drive choppers
ACS volvo electronics
Akerstrom radio tx rx
Melcher Power Supplies
Polyamp power supplies
Power One power supplies
Guitar valve amplifiers
Trace Elliot amps
Carlsbro amplifiers
Marshal amps
Roland amps
Car radio
Torque tester calibration units
Snap on tools car test equipment
Battery valve portable radios
Army radios
Test equipment
Conveyor control modules
Radio control
Automotive window motors
Automotive key fob repairs

plus many more not listed

Any questions please ask